Why you should get in the head game

27, April 2015
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Who can forget Jan Vermeer’s iconic “Girl with a pearl earring ” from the seventeenth century painting. The girl in the painting is depicted wearing a turban . This was probably the first time the turban was introduced to the European audience at this time. It has since become a modern chic accessory. The run ways this year featured various adaptations of this classic style from Givenchy models to Giambattista Valli . Prada is also well known to feature a turban in her design esthetics in many collections. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, was also well known to tying a head wrap to perfection giving it a modern urban glam look with dark shades. I for one always admired this style and struggled to achieve the tie of the scarf  to the right chic proportions.

Now how does one navigate this head wrap look that has come to be a staple and a fashion trend of this year? Bearing in mind that to some tying a head wrap or turban  can be daunting. My advice is to start out with one that has been tied already . The key here is not to take it too seriously but experiment, try new combinations and ways to wear the turban on the side backwards or forwards.

So endeavor to take sartorial risks and upgrade this season’s turban look to the next level of sophistication and style.

Here I wear a Roberto Cavalli turban the colors of which are a perfect marriage of ease and feminine polish. This classic turban gets an urban glam update by pairing it with the Roberto Cavalli leather  jacket. Cavalli  is a known  purveyor of boho chic, accenting colors with animal prints in many ways making  this combination stand out.