Dress like it is spring with Versace

15, February 2017
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For today dressing like it is spring  in Versace even though it clearly is not ....optimism with this gorgeous Versace jacket teamed here with the Chanel belt worn as  a necklace.This Versace jacket is just the perfect piece to dress like it is spring today. This jacket is so beautiful( the photos do not even do the jacket justice) ! I love the s... read MORE

Versace in our hearts

13, February 2017
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My favorite thing about this Versace jacket is that it can be worn as a blouse  layered  with an over coat or just as a jacket  by itself for a perfect fit. Make sure you snag a Versace jacket soon - I promise you will not regret it. Finding the perfect jacket is a very important task for your wardrobe. For the correct vibe and style fit as alwa... read MORE