Dressing like it is spring with Chanel today

03, May 2017
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If I had to wear one brand for the rest of my life it would be Chanel. And I would be happy to do it. Do not get me wrong , I love variety and quite frankly need it in my life but Chanel captures my inner elegance and sophistication so effortlessly. Each Chanel piece is so beautifully  made the best craftsmanship and the highest quality. Always on... read MORE

Every woman deserves Chanel

09, January 2017
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I wish the camera could capture the magnificence of this Chanel ensemble.It is all about Chanel today! Textures and Chanel  galore! All in black and white of course. Every woman deserves Chanel in her life! Inspired by this gorgeous Chanel fur coat I paired it with this amazing white Chanel bathing suit when pulling items for this post . Hello sop... read MORE