Summer dressing with cotton and Dolce & Gabbana

27, July 2016
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Understated pieces are my go to pieces for summer. This is the one season when everything is easy and everyone is easygoing . This is just one of the reasons why summer is the best season for clothes.Take this white blouse from Zara , just so crisp white  and gorgeous. This is one of my favorite blouses to wear during the summer months. It looks r... read MORE

Prada sunglasses

26, July 2016
  • No Similar Looks Available
This is the moment to go all out ! To say yes, I have made an effort. And do I not look just great.  how many reasons do you need to want these glasses? They may not be in your comfort zone. But say good bye to the C-zone. Now is the time  as the sun starts to shine  a bit brighter and the weather gets warmer to feel more ambitious about how to ... read MORE
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