Those who know me know I live in heels

02, August 2015
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Your day off should  be  about  comfort, but again, comfort doesn't equal sloppy. A day off from work or from other formal situations doesn't mean a day off from style. I'm the biggest champion of being  comfortable in clothes, and I don't just mean psychologically. Comfort has to come physically, too. But somewhere along the line, in our ca... read MORE

Six easy tips on how to strike a perfect pose

01, August 2015
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So just what is the best way to pose ? It's not a fluke that nearly every starlet appears in magazines photographed standing in  a similar way. How you pose for a picture can be the difference between looking your best or looking like  a slouch with ten extra pounds you don't even carry. It can ruin the line of the dress. Worse, it's freeze- fram... read MORE
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