What I wore to the screening of the movie Bad Rap

02, May 2016
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I do not think any single accessory has made me feel as excited about getting dressed recently as this belt from Chanel which turned into a necklace. This belt like so many Chanel pieces is timeless and lends itself to many an outfit pairing. I wore it as a necklace for the screening of Bad rap at the Tribeca film festival. Bad rap is a documentary... read MORE

What I wore to the film screening of Magnus

01, May 2016
  • No Similar Looks Available
Magnus Carlsen is known as the' Mozart of chess' . Director Benjamin Ree follows Magnus' journey in this documentary film as he prepares to win the world chess champion. Magnus is unlike many chess grandmasters, he possesses innate ability, an unbelievable memory, and unrivaled creativity. At first the odds appeared to be against him as his opponen... read MORE
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