Life’s a red carpet

04, October 2015
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What's the point of buying gorgeous things if you're not going to wear them? That lavish party dress, Those twinkling crystal- kissed stilettos and drop- dead drop earrings. You didn't really buy them so they could hibernate in the midnight recesses of your closet, did you ? Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway- Coco Chanel. &... read MORE

Prada is always a good idea this Autumn

03, October 2015
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The best thing about creating style? Whether it comes to your personal look or the look of your home or a table top for a dinner party. It's not permanent , it can be changed, tweeted ┬áre-created.   Style can be empowering when you understand your own limits and strengths and know how to exploit them favorably. It is not limited to the ... read MORE
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