People will stare make sure it is worth their while

04, July 2015
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Glamour is not a discipline for the meek or modest.It should be enthusiastically embraced. Chin held high, never explain or defend it. It's who you are, after all and you should never apologize for being your true self. Why not? you should live to the best of your abilities . And yes glamorously requires effort and time more than money. But I be... read MORE

It’s time to see what everybody is talking about Wimbledon

03, July 2015
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The best tennis fashion stories have always been about shape rather than color. Indeed at Wimbledon- where the dress code calls for "suitable tennis attire that is almost entirely white"-there can be little else. After Gussie Moran's knickers, the second most celebrated garment is probably Anne Whites lycra catsuit from 1985, which encapsulated the... read MORE
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