Pattern recognition for today’s look

29, September 2016
  • No Similar Looks Available
Whenever I am looking for a one-and done piece that is polished and feminine, a dress is what I reach for. This dress from the Betsey Johnson label has a floral pattern that can be worn during the day dressed down or at night. The garment is really lovely it  is a great  staple piece that never goes out of fashion! My favorite part about the dres... read MORE

Chanel brooch for this season

28, September 2016
  • No Similar Looks Available
When was the last time you gave any serious consideration to your brooch collection ? Well this is the season to start , because they are a thing right now. Championed and photographed on a slew of fashion influencers. Your most beautiful brooches should not just be  for special occasions. How amazing is this Chanel brooch worn here with the black... read MORE
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