Start the day with Chanel and Prada

24, August 2016
  • No Similar Looks Available
Inspired by this Chanel blue coat I paired it with the Prada gold leather socks and Prada platform shoes. I love the juxtaposition of these two amazing pieces with the blue Chanel coat as a background framed with the explosion  of white from the silk detachable ruffle cuffs . I am always thinking about how I can create something classical that is ... read MORE

Tom Ford sunglasses

23, August 2016
  • No Similar Looks Available
When was the last time you gave some  serious consideration to your sunglasses collection? Well this is the season to start ! They are a thing right now , championed by and photographed on a slew of fashion influencers. Style wise the classic aviator  with tough- luxe hardware is the perfect choice. How gorgeous are these pair from Tom Ford. They... read MORE
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