Every girl needs some Chanel

17, February 2017
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Keeping things Chanel and chic today. The sun was shining today and the weekend is about to start. Looking forward to spending time with friends this weekend. With these gorgeous pair of Chanel pants you can not ask for a better way to start the week end off.One of my favorite parts of winter is all the opportunities to wear these Chanel fur pieces... read MORE

Versace in our hearts

13, February 2017
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My favorite thing about this Versace jacket is that it can be worn as a blouse  layered  with an over coat or just as a jacket  by itself for a perfect fit. Make sure you snag a Versace jacket soon - I promise you will not regret it. Finding the perfect jacket is a very important task for your wardrobe. For the correct vibe and style fit as alwa... read MORE