Everyday treasures with Chanel

24, February 2017
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Hello dears! Sharing something simple today with these gorgeous Chanel bracelets and Chanel patent leather gloves. I try to make my style a reflection of the moment. I keep the classics by adapting to the mood of the moment. And I always think of Goethe's famous words that I like so much"make a better future with enlarged elements of the past. Chan... read MORE

an Armani hat for every day

01, February 2017
  • No Similar Looks Available
Can you tell I have a thing for wearing hats. This Armani fur hat is the softest fur. That said it is also snuggly!And the white color is beyond. I love the shape and fur balls as ties. Some might say I am a hat connoisseur ┬ábecause I wear them ┬áso much . I have to admit , I do. I used this Armani hat to top of my look ( and I usually use a hat ┬... read MORE