The best Chanel accessory

16, August 2017
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This is the ultimate Chanel accessory!  A Chanel scarf is a great investment just find a scarf that fits your mood at the moment- or the mood you would like to be in. It can be fun just discovering new manners of tying one on . More than any other element in your wardrobe, a scarf can be tied, twisted, folded and wrapped in countless ways. This Ch... read MORE

Exquisite Chanel

31, May 2017
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If a woman wants to catch  a husband she goes to Chanel who knows exactly what men like. Chanel models have it. Doubtless because Chanel herself has plenty of the same. One season the beautiful couturier is reported engaged to Grand Duke  Dmitri , the next to the Duke of Westminster. I love Chanel! There is something to be said for Chanel pieces ... read MORE