Exquisite Chanel

31, May 2017
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If a woman wants to catch  a husband she goes to Chanel who knows exactly what men like. Chanel models have it. Doubtless because Chanel herself has plenty of the same. One season the beautiful couturier is reported engaged to Grand Duke  Dmitri , the next to the Duke of Westminster. I love Chanel! There is something to be said for Chanel pieces ... read MORE

Introducing fashion’s new look with Chanel

12, March 2017
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A little bit of spring in winter.The weather has been bizarre lately in New York city- not quite sure what to wear anymore! Happy first day of the week loves! Everything I am  wearing is from the iconic Chanel house except the black  Alexander McQueen belt. So think of this post  as your stop shop for Chanel. Enjoy! My love for all things  Chan... read MORE