My current obsession this Chanel skirt

08, March 2017
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Chanel  is a brand that is  definitely having a moment right now with me. To be specific this gorgeous  Chanel skirt. The colors on the skirt speak for themselves! And how romantic is this Chanel scarf worn here as a blouse? The draping is just beyond. I gave my favorite monochrome combination  a break in favor of so much color today.I wanted t... read MORE

Fall in love with Chanel

28, February 2017
  • Scarf: Chanel,
  • Gloves: Chanel,
  • Bracelet: Chanel,
  • No Similar Looks Available
My favorite thing about this Chanel scarf is the vibrant colors and size of the scarf that you can manipulate into different shapes. This scarf is definitely going to be on constant  rotation for me this winter. Make sure you snag one from Chanel soon I promise you will not regret it. Finding the perfect Chanel piece to buy for the season  is a v... read MORE