Who wore it best ?

30, April 2015
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Donatella Versace is a style icon I very much admire and aspire to emulate. I follow her design choices both from on and off the runway. Her choices are so on point with fashion as a whole I just want to wear her like this season’s Versace coat. Her chic bold persona is to be admired and tried . She is identified by the bright, bold colors and figure sculpting silhouettes that epitomize the Versace label. The more is more mantra takes this Versace  modern dressing to decadent levels.

One can learn from other fashion icons by observing them in their natural habitats. That is fashion magazines and Tabloids. If a purchased piece is being worn by  a top model or muse or used in an editorial  spread , this is a indication that you have  good taste. This also reinforces the fact that you made the right choice.  The fact that the item is being photographed and filmed adds value to the piece you purchased . You may also be inspired to wear it in  the manner that they did alternatively from how you wear it.

The fact of the matter is that often times these pieces have been  tested in different lightings and pairings. So much of the work and guess work has been done already.  Work that you can  capitalize on. Donatella  Versace’s most powerful accessory is her hair style which she puts to good use in the style and color. Remember sheer brilliance is in the details.Use this to your advantage.

This Versace leather tube dress is an example of the powerful  allure of Versace, the complexity of the workmanship with the chains is made liquid and legible in the grace of its articulation in leather and bold color.