Why don’t you……….

12, November 2015
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Going on holiday doesn’t mean taking a vacation from stylish living it up . You never know who you might run into at the airport. It could be someone you are dying to meet and work with. Or it could be the One and you could fall madly in love.It can happen!

On holiday my style radar doesn’t shut off. In fact, I find my best inspiration when I’m away from official business and really able to indulge in my surroundings. I love watching the way locals and visitors put together their clothes and accessories, and how they strike a pose, in them. I  shop for myself.

The crew has their uniform, and stylish travelers have theirs, too. The key is in the layering.It always seems to be warm in the airport and too cold on the plane. And despite the weather report, it could all flip by the time the jet touches down nine hours later.

My go to pieces  are these cashmere hooded sweater and matching leggings. This out fit is one that keeps me cozy. The sleeves can be rolled up or down depending on the current temperature. You can substitute a jersey top instead with cotton jersey wide-led pants or plain leggings. Then you can have a silk scarf to wrap around your head if the hair goes all wrong or around your neck if there is  a chill.