The look now with Escada

04, January 2017
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Inspired by a few cold days in New York city I broke out  one of my favorite jackets  and color combinations. Gold and green. It is such an easy combination and pretty much fool proof.  Although anything gold  is right ? Everything you throw together looks like it belongs on instagram . After finding the perfect green dress , The rest of the out fit came together easily.Getting a little feminine with the ruffles on the green dress too. Feminine and sporty are two styles to mix together and they just work because it is so unexpected! I am in love with the Escada puffer jacket so on trend now. This Escada jacket is also super comfortable and flattering too ! I can see myself wearing it over just about every outfit this winter.The ultimate show stopper! I always love a good structured piece. The green and gold both go so well together! And since every girl needs at lest a  puffer jacket, this Escada  jacket is atop pick!