A great cocktail ring

13, January 2016
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The eyes are said to be the window of the soul, but the jewelry reveal where we are- or where we would like to be. Sometimes you want to pile on the jewels a duster of bracelets, six hoops along your earlobe,or a tangle of vintage necklaces, other times, you want just one super special piece- like a cocktail ring.  Slide on a blinding cocktail ring and the transformative powers are undeniable. You might be in your favorite blue jeans and flip- flops, but once you put on a great cocktail ring- you are that much closer to being fabulous. This is because even more than clothes, accessories allow you to nature  your inner chameleon. When you have a fabulous Saint Laurent cocktail ring on your finger what else do you need? Cocktail rings have a retro Art Deco vibe that is perfect for any occasion. Especially now if you have run out of holiday- dressing steam, and are feeling for a strategic statement piece. Cocktail rings are good anytime you need to make a big impact with little effort.