How to build a fabulous wardrobe on a budget

12, August 2015
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For fashionistas shopping isn’t just shopping. It’s market research. Its your job to know what products, stores and labels are out there. This calls for being able to scrutinize the marketplace for the best resources to be successful.

Always strive to become a smart shopper, in the long run, it’s going to save you money and streamline your closet. The aim is to love everything you own. Buy something because you love it, you need it and you will use it.At least most times ,there are some exceptions. I call them my moments of weakness when I just buy something just because, do you have any of  these too?

Researching the market means shopping without actually buying anything. Know what’s in your local stores, including those off the beaten track. There are so many great boutiques now, even in suburbia and in smaller neighborhoods, away from the major department stores and popular boutiques.

Sales staff can  prove to be good assets. Having friends on the inside, so to speak, is a secret weapon  for any fashionista. They can call you when new merchandise arrives and also reveal when something is going on  sale.

For me finding the right elements doesn’t only require keeping my eyes wide open. It also helps to keep your options open, too, and the wider the better. Fashion now is so much about high and low dressing: pairing a party dress from H&M with Giuseppe Zanotti heels. There are also many places to score gorgeous clothes and shoes at deliriously low prices. Take advantage of them but be smart. Whether it is a mid season sale at or eBay , the annual blowout at Bergdorf Goodman New York, resist the urge to go crazy just because something is at a slashed price.

There are global influences in the color and pattern in this Roberto Cavalli scarf  I purchased during a sale  which made the price right for me.  The look takes a bolder step with the addition of the head wrap I got from my closet. The head wrap provides height and interest. Evoking power and grace.

You might also score a  vintage gem from your great aunt’s closet. Be realistic about what looks good on you- and what you will actually wear. Never buy something just because it’s on sale. Always check the condition. And always check the return policy.