Being powerful is like being a lady

30, October 2015
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We’re always striving for perfection, always striving for more. For me personally, glamour and being a lady can mean being strong, professional ,elegant and compassionate. Some of the women I find most glamorous are the most proactive about a whole range of issues. They exude a confidence in having a voice of their own.

Always bring out your very best when talking to people. Be a good listener and really care about what people are sharing with you. Show compassion and if you can help them out with something, by all means offer to do it. The more good energy and assistance you bring out into the world, the more you’ll get in return . You should aspire ┬áto establish genuine relationships, built on admiration and respect. If you make others welcome to share and communicate with you , then you are a huge step closer to really being a lady.