What I wore to the Prudential private screening of Night School

29, April 2016
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Directed by Andrew Cohn this was an absorbing documentary that followed four adult students for a year as they pursued their dream of obtaining a high school diploma . The achievement of which could improve and change each of their lives. The documentary was based in Indianapolis which has one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the country. Their individual pursuits, were fraught with the challenges of daily life and also broader systematic roadblocks. Prudential hosted the private screening with a cocktail party followed by a short film  on the transformation of and evolution of Newark. David Gelles of the New York Times moderated the panel on the short film- based on Newark ‘s evolution. The title of which was Transforming our cities: Building towards the future.  This Prada ensemble was just the perfect fit for a cocktail party . I love the color white for evening and it is a refreshing change from the predictable black. Prada is as always a good idea for cocktail dresses.