Four steps to take when the dress code is not on the invitation

05, August 2015
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You receive an invitation. On it is the time, date, place and even the reason for the celebration. What it doesn’t list is the dress code. So what do you do when the dress code is not on the invitation?You find out. That’s right. Don’t ignore the matter altogether.

Always start with the cues right there on the invitation.

1. Consider the invitation Venue

A prime cue is the location. An event held inside a grand ballroom might be formal, thereby demanding a more formal gown with a longer length. You may even be able to get away with a longer gown at a formal restaurant or a dinner at a home if the occasion calls for it, like a special anniversary or birthday.

In contrast, a party dress that skims the knee or above may be perfect for a special event held in a cool downtown restaurant or club. A garden party calls for a light option and looser silhouettes .

2. Consider the time

A weekend brunch or afternoon tea celebrating a birthday or baby shower calls for a little dress.Stay away from satin or other shiny fabrics for day. In general whites,creams, or even pastels are perfect for day. And resist black. If you must go dark go with  navy or brown or deep jewel tones.

If it’s sunday at 4 p.m., chances are it’s not a black-tie event. If it’s a Saturday night wedding ,say,after 6 p.m., it most certainly calls for a more formal out fit.

Of course, a summer barbecue is bound to be a more casual affair. You don’t want to get caught on the beach or on a lawn in stilettos, any more than you want to wear flip-flops to a cocktail party. Ditch the stilettos for wedges, which will keep you from sinking into the grass. Jeans are fine but skip the scruffy T-shirt for a halter top or poncho. For a pool party add a cover-up.

3. A cue not to  over looked: The hosts

Who are they? If they tend towards dazzling, the you know that you too, should go glam. You can always make a social call to them to find out what they’re wearing.

4. When in doubt

If you show up looking a bit more glam than the rest, what’s the worst-case scenario? You look the best in the room ?

If someone gets catty over your decision, you can always just proclaim that you have another event to go to afterwards . Then it looks like you planned the night right- and that you have somewhere more fabulous to go!

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