David and Victoria Beckham fashion’s king and queen

16, October 2015
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How did Victoria and  David become fashion’s king and queen? Take a look at their resume.

1992 David makes his professional football debut with Manchester United

1996 The spice girls are born “Wannabe ” hits No 1 in 37 countries. and Victoria is Christened “Posh” by top of the Pops magazine.

1997 Victoria and Davis meet at a football game ( Okay he saw her on TV first )

1998 Their rapidly merging sartorial personas are outed

1999 “Posh ‘n’ Becks” marry on thrones.

2000 Victoria goes solo with the single” Out of Your mind”. It does not reach No. 1 in 37 countries.

2003 David is awarded an order of the British Empire designation by the queen. Posh is the face and thighs of Jay Z’s Rocawear brand.

2006 Victoria writes a book to “share some of what  I’ve learned.

2007 Watershed moments: David signs with L.A. football Club : double dates with Suri’s parents

2008 Victoria’s legs appear in a Marc Jacobs ad  wearing these Marc Jacobs heel-less shoes shown here

2009 Posh ‘n’ Becks advertise Armani

2011 Dressed in Ralph Lauren and Victoria Beckham for William and Kate’s royal wedding. Victoria Beckham named Britain’s brand of the year.

2012 David doesn’t make the Olympic team but lights the torch at the opening ceremony.

2014 Victoria debuts shoes

2015 David ‘s H& M underwear launches.

Fashion’s new prince : Romeo Beckham models for Burberry  Ad.