How to get the it girl style

20, June 2015
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You can put together any out fit  on your own and call it a day . That is your basic jeans or tee shirt and be done. What separates the ordinary out fit or look from ordinary to it girl status is the way they’re styled. The first thing to remember is don’t look like  you’re trying too hard. There is such a thing as too much. As Coco Chanel said , before you walk out the door everyday , take one thing off. The simplest way to make your outfit a real outfit is to adorn your basics with smart add ons like a hat , bag, sunglasses and heels.  In this case I have taken the ensemble to a whole new level with the head wrap and punk inspired chain leather ankle boots. Also do leave a detail undone such as a rolled sleeve or an  off the shoulder slant. That slightly disheveled vibe isn’t sloppy; its actually an extremely high concept and shows that you know what you are doing. The  flash dance tilt of  the top  works here as a slightly off kilter detail that adds interest.The Bebe boots give the rest of the look its credibility with an urban vibe.