Eight simple steps to packing like a travel warrior

30, August 2015
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When it comes to packing in style here are some simple rules to follow to ensure you have all you need at your destination without any stress. These simple rules are what I go by and take the guess work out of packing a bag for a short trip of a week or more.

1. When it comes to luggage, aim for streamline. Go for cases you can haul effortlessly by yourself. Resist overpacking. Don’t be the amateur who holds up a plane because your luggage is too heavy or too large to fit in the overhead compartment.


2. All your luggage should coordinate. Money shouldn’t be an issue here either, because there are many charming and inexpensive cases out there. You can find great efficient luggage on any budget. Or you can always go all black. Neither you or your luggage should look un -coordinated.


3. For a one week or more trip I tend to take one case.  When ever possible . Remember the idea is “on the go”. If you can’t swing this then have one large one for clothes and a smaller one for shoes and bags.


4. Always keep jewelry and other  valuables on board with you. Keep your cosmetics in your carry – on too. To that end , always contain leak-able products in resealable plastic bags- even in your make up case. Pack a few extra bags for the return trip home.


5. Start with shoes on the bottom. I put mine in sacks provided by the designer  they came with or you can use  any drawstring cloth bag. This is so that they don’t get scratched . Protect their shape by stuffing them with socks, tank tops, or something else you are taking with you.


6. The next layer is any jeans, folded  in half.


7. Then layer everything else, laying it flat with a few folds as possible: Trousers, sweaters, dresses. On top, place the more fragile items- anything chiffon, beaded, sequined-turned inside out so they won’t catch. I also wrap these pieces in plastic( the bags you get from the – cleaners work great) or tissue paper.


8. Lastly, no matter how tempting , don’t overstuff your bags. Clothes and even shoes end up badly creased. The extra weight can cost you extra dollars at check-in, not to mention incur brutal treatment from baggage handlers.  And the case may explode on the conveyer belt.


Always   unpack your bags as soon as you arrive at your lodgings. This gives clothes and shoes a chance to air out and regain  their shape. It also enables you to see everything you have right away, hanging in your closet or tucked away in drawers- including what may be missing before a meeting or event.