Donna Karen leaves label after more than 30 years

10, July 2015
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Donna Karen is leaving the helm of the fashion house she launched in the mid -1980’s. What made Donna Karen truly unique was that she represented women not in the way male designers tend to imagine them. Her seven easy pieces was a revolutionary attempt to rethink high fashion. Starting from the point of view of a modern woman. Based around her famous black body suit.

Her “cold shoulder” dress famously worn by Hillary Clinton is designed around her belief that shoulders are one body part that women continue to feel confident about as they age. Karen hasn’t been setting any new trends for a few years but she has still  been  a major presence at New York Fashion week.

But….. at least we still have DKNNY. The Donna Karen company has long been split into two lines. Donna Karen international and the more affordable line DKNNY. Which was appointed a new hip design duo Public School and will have their first catwalk show in September during New York fashion week.

This white Donna Karen dress embodies the spirit of the designer’s versatile ” cold shoulder” dress.  It can be worn short or long  with shoulders covered or uncovered. This is in esthetic of the chic   urban  modern  woman .