Classic white dress from Donna Karan

24, October 2015
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Few of life’s celebrated moments happen spontaneously. It might be an anniversary or a birthday or even just a reunion among friends. Yet what ever the occasion , you should dress like it means something. Usually an invitation arrives weeks, if not days before the event. And even if you only have a couple of hours to toast the event you should be prepared.

It’s such fun getting dressed for a full or formal dinner. Take full advantage of a formal dinner, where you can parade the fine art of structured glamorous look. Take your time preparing for a formal dinner party. Don’t leave getting ready to the last minute.

But seriously , formality is a dying art form in this hectic world we live in enchanting and refreshing to embody grace and propriety now and then. ┬áSometimes a special event doesn’t call for a ball gown. But it does necessitate something special, even pretty, and pretty doesn’t have to mean sweet, or even old fashioned. Delicate fabrics can come off with strong sophistication ┬ávery much like this White dress from Donna Karan.