Accessories are the antidote to boring

12, January 2016
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Always aim for something that elicits a “wow”. There is nothing fun, interesting , or glamorous in playing it subtle and safe. Do not be afraid of statement pieces. When considering a look for myself, there are many pretty outfits out there, but pretty can sometimes mean safe. And ┬áthat is probably not going to score a place on my best dressed list. By just adding some sparkling accessory such as this crown from Dolce & Gabbana to this ensemble by the same designer- this vanilla look instantly registers as a “wow”. Accessories are the antidote to a boring look, maybe even more than great makeup like red lipstick. ( but do not underestimate the power of red lipstick to wow too). Just try on this crown and tell me otherwise. So when planning an outfit be sure to incorporate your wow piece ( or two). With the right piece you can always go from demure to daring