Everyone deserves a second chance

30, July 2015
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Some of the most stylish glamazons are living it up on a dime. They just know how to reinvent a look with a belt or by wearing their hair another way. They mix new and vintage. Vintage can mean many things to different people  and offer different options.

Going vintage affords you an opportunity to score gorgeous cheap  frills- your go to resource would be thrift and vintage stores, flea markets, garage sales, Ebay the Real to Real . Just know that the hunt  is part of the fun. Vintage can be avery liberating  option. If you  buy it well, you’re free from contemporary trends. It already went out of style once. If it stood the test of time it is timeless.

To help you do your treasure hunting I have  seven tips that will keep you eyes wide open and pocket safe.

1. When you look at a  vintage piece does it look modern ? If something looks vintage it might look costumery. The piece should  have a modern feel.

2. Quality matters a lot. Get up close and personal with it. Eye it for  scratches and nicks. Examine the lining and the stitching. Pull gently to see how the seams will hold up if you gain five pounds. Condition is paramount. Look for armpit stains, moth holes, bead loss and shattered hems. Certain blemishes can’t be salvaged.

3. Stick with quality fabrics. When it comes to investment pieces quality matters.

4. A vintage piece has to have good design it has to be wearable .

5. Always go with your taste. Forget the trends, even in vintage. Your body really dictates what you can wear. Some people have a body type that looks fantastic in a 1950’s dress others are brilliant in a 1970’s sheath.

6. Vintage accessories can transform an outfit. With vintage jewelry, its not just demure and safe. Its about a statsment. Consequently it doesn’t have to be a huge  investment or real.

7. Make it modern through the mix. This can be done very well by paring a vintage dress with modern heels .Like a great pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes.

These Dior black and pink pumps are vintage in my opinion  by sheer the fact that  when they were purchased brand new from Dior the house was still known as Christian Dior. Since then this particular pointy toe shoe has come around  to be in fashion again. The pink and black pattern keep it looking fresh and relevant for today.  And by pairing the black sheer stocking  you add a layer of modernity. This is clearly a shoe that will stand the test of time to remain timeless and classic.