Chic white look with Chanel and Hermes

01, March 2017
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The only look you will need for this season  is this white look with the Chanel belt worn as a necklace. If you are looking to start a luxury collection this Chanel belt is a good piece to start with. I have had it for a few seasons now and tend to wear it more as a necklace than a belt. It is so classical and versatile. And with the iconic double CC it makes anything you throw at it so chic and luxurious . And did you see the Chanel fur boots ? Hands down the most chic and coziest pair of boots ever. The fur on the Chanel boots gives this whole white look much needed texture detail and interests. Textures and white galore! but all in white of course. I picked this Hermes white Birkin bag  to add to the look. Anyone who has ever seen a Birkin bag in person knows just how incredible special they are, the highest quality, and a great choice for an investment piece since they hold their value with time.