Chanel white jacket

30, June 2016
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If you have noticed I have been wearing a lot of white like crazy lately . I love combining  white  for Summer with many out fits. White captures light, illuminates the face  and enhances beauty. Having  a  beautiful Chanel jacket  like this one makes it real easy to  mix other styles and pieces, because it sets the standard. It makes it look like you know what you are doing with out actually having to put effort. And I am all about that! Each season Karl Lagerfeld reworks this timeless  comfortable Chanel jacket for women. This White Chanel jacket is no exception  -simple in its design  it can endure from season to season.The simplicity and timelessness of the style demands investing a little more money in the quality and craftsmanship.There are clothes that make you feel good, and there are clothes that make everyone around you feel good. This Chanel ensemble is the latter of the two. I have teamed the Chanel Jacket with the Chanel bathing suit which is doubling here as a romper . Then  added the Chanel hat to complete the look and make a wow statement. Chanel women bleed black and white and know that glamor can come in the form of a suggestion,a hint in a pair of black Chanel sunglasses or it can appear in all its unapologetic glory blinding bright from a complete head to toe runway look  like this one.