Staying motivated when you’re unmotivated

07, September 2015
  • Sunglasses: Chanel,
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Style is what defines you-the best of you- from your shoes to your sheets. It’s there in the choices you make, in the the quality of the things in your closet or house, and in the way you entertain or jet off on holiday.


In this post I provide some guidance in how to stay motivated ¬†when you’re unmotivated in your styling goals-your way.


Revisit old looks and pieces: An excellent way for you to restore passion for your personal style and kick start a new look is to reflect on the past. It’s a healthy practice to look back on prior successes in order to see your potential and where you can improve, if you have photos of looks or even magazine clips of pieces you have worn, get them out! If you can’t visualize your next idea easily, revisit old styles to gain a spark again. Everyone is unique in their own way, you don’t have to stay in the present to increase your expertise.


Confront your fear of living up to expectations: It can be a challenge to style consistently and be “in the moment” . You’ll often get pressured by new trends and changing styles. Living up to expectations should give you a sense of pride as you create your personal style. sometimes you need to focus less on pleasing others and just face your fears head on. The only battle you should be fighting is procrastination. Come up with the best personal style you can. Get back your confidence!


Write down your goals: Setting a goal for yourself can be as simple as ” I want to wear more color”. However, saying this to yourself doesn’t always give you the motivation you need when procrastination is blocking your way. You need to write them down and put effort into creating milestones and quality looks. Make sure your goals are achievable and that you are able to stay consistent with your styling goals. Envision how your next ensemble will turn out and work towards it with unrivaled devotion. Continue making progress with your goals each day. This blog can help you eliminate distractions. It may be the advice you need to activate your potential!

This Chanel black pair of sunglasses comes with side mirrors and is made all the more chic by paring it with the Chanel patent leather gloves.