Dream big, it’s allowed

16, February 2016
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Fearlessness is integral to innovation.Just remember that whatever you wear, wear it with sublime confidence. True style is not having a lot of expensive and beautiful things, it is instead about knowing when, where, and how to utilize your collection.Everyone of us should constantly be honing our style skills and adjusting them to a changing audience. This blog will lead you through the fashion language for some of life’s basic occasions to ensure that your ensemble is always a flawless presentation of you. You will learn how to be appropriate , creative and confident without being overbearing. I obviously can not touch on every one of your life’s events but can touch some situations that cause most of our fashion stress. The outfits I have put together over the years, have focused me and given me confidence through out the years. These outfits are suggestions and just that. I give you my ideal ensemble to illustrate my point of view. But I never want you to forget that really authentic style comes from within, and you should always remain stylistically true to yourself. Do not be afraid to add your own flair to my recommendations.