Chanel accessories for the day

24, November 2016
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Sharing something simple for  today’s look and inspiration . This  Chanel breast plate and Chanel ring are some of my first Chanel purchases. I wanted pieces that would endure the test of time and prove to be useful season after season.  Pairing the Chanel breast plate and Chanel ring is just genius and they both combine to do just that.The ring and breast plate combined are sublime yet so practical. The beauty and simplicity of the Chanel breast plate struck me so much, that in typical fashion, I went and bought two of them. So hard not to love Chanel accessories when they produce truly great pieces. This Chanel ring  is one of my all time favorite Chanel rings. The simple lines is just beyond. And the interlocking CCs is fantastic.These two pieces from the iconic house of Chanel are the ultimate accessories(totally worth the cost).