Stung at the Tribeca film festival

31, July 2015
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For the screening of Stung the film directed by Benni Diez, I wore this Chanel ensemble . Chanel pieces are generally expensive, rare  vintage or both making it sometimes difficult to recreate  runway looks. Here lies the secret of  Chanel and why we love Chanel  so much.  Karl Lagerfeld   like  Coco  Chanel before him believes fashion should  encourage  an active lifestyle  and be wearable. Chanel  makes you dream and fantasize.  A Chanel piece will give you confidence.

This Chanel look is how to play up and down the classic Chanel scale in tune with the season and  for a film screening at the Tribeca film festival.   The Chanel hat  from the Paris Dallas collection evokes  fantasy much like the  Paris  Dallas fashion show held in Dallas.  Karl Lagerfeld drew a  perfect circle returning to Texas. After Coco’s first visit in 1957, following her come back show in 1954. This is a key accessory to own as it works well with other pieces from other collections. As a result of its shape and color it works seamlessly well with the Chanel bubble skirt.

The  film was a mix of different genres from romance to horror and some moments of comedy. The  Stung film started with Paul and Julia  who are both catering staffers at Mrs. Perch’s fancy garden party at her remote country villa. At first nothing is out of the ordinary, until a mishap with toxic plant fertilizer leads to the most  unwelcome dinner quests. Giant intelligent killer wasps. Need I say more, these  wasps kept them on  the run for the entire film.