How to shop like a fashionista

31, December 2015
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Nothing lifts the spirit and senses like a good shopping trip. Even if you do not buy anything, browsing through the store windows and racks, trying a few items on, admiring the fabulous window displays can be  therapeutic. It is a tactile, visual meal for anyone who loves fashion. And I love fashion. If you feel glamorous when you head out to go shopping, you will make more thoughtful purchases; you will be less tempted to buy something only to return it later. It is very true that the right out fit puts you in the right frame of mind to shop. But it means more than that. When you go out looking great , you are  showing the world your style. You are also saying that you care about what you wear at every moment of your life. A serious shopping trip requires some discipline and endurance . Be prepared for  walking and trying on  clothes, stopping for a break to refuel. And going back to trying on a few items one more time.