Why Chanel cost so much

31, August 2015
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Timeless, classic elegant founded in 1909 Chanel has changed the fashion landscape by designing innovative silhouettes, gorgeous bags and creating a luxury short hand that is world known .


Gabrielle (C0co) Chanel during the course of an extraordinary and unconventional journey-helped to forge the idea of modern woman a new kind of glamour. Glamour being the power to rearrange people’s emotions, which in effect, is the power to control one’s environment.


Karl Lagerfeld became creative director of Chanel in  1983 and envisions collections so modern and active as Gabrielle Chanel herself-by finding inspiration in today’s Chanel woman.

The magic ingredient that has kept the mercurial  Karl Lagerfeld ahead of the curve of the innovative and iconoclastic house of Chanel- for more than thirty years : youth. Ever culturally attuned, Lagerfeld perpetually preempts the moment with the speed of a nineteen-year-old. “The newer generation is less pretentious: they are open, and are nice people,” says Lagerfeld. “fashion’s dictators are out- and grotesque. It is nonstop dialogue.”Fashion to Chanel is then the desire for a perfect future in the present moment this is the courage and conviction that powers the house of Chanel.

For this  magic Chanel pieces are generally expensive, rare vintage or both making it difficult to recreate runway looks. Despite this we love Chanel so much still. Chanel makes our life most pleasant and glamorous , makes you dream gives you confidence. In this lies the secret power of Chanel.

These Chanel cuffs are the ultimate accessories from the house. Made of the Chanel signature tweed and with the  famed inter-locking CCs. There is a balance of sophistication and proportion that is effortless chic.