How to wear tweed with a twist

29, September 2015
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“Fashion becomes unfashionable, style never”Coco Chanel. What is better than a Chanel tweed  ? Tweed is the classic wardrobe staple. Tweed is always in style.


The house of Chanel with each collection looks to embroiderers Lesage and Montex to consistently create wonderful tweeds for the Chanel collections. The artisans skillfully interpret Karl Lagerfeld’s sketches season after season with the utmost attention. The art of doing things well. An applied art. And that is truly wonderful. The image of each collection is reflected through the finesse which has to be seen up close, almost touched, to understand how it is done and really appreciate the beauty of this look.


This Chanel ensemble consist of a blouse  and Jacket paired with the wide leg pants. All made with the signature Chanel tweed, however the lighter color is an unexpected twist. This is conceivable because of the elegant balance between proportion and color. Each piece breathes modernity into the entire ensemble- effortlessly independent.