These simple rules will help you pick out the perfect sunglasses this summer

28, June 2015
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It goes without saying that a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection is an essential in any wardrobe, any day of the year, or you can do damage to those pretty eyes. They'll also keep you from squinting , which causes wrinkles and is never a good look for anyone. Big sunglasses camouflage a late night, They're  great when you need to hide f... read MORE

Now is the time to start your sunglasses collection

08, April 2015
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Trying to find a new creativity a sunglass  collection should essentially have a black  plastic pair, a white plastic  pair and a gold metal rimed pair.These are the notes one should use  to play with the prelude to any ensemble ." Like poetry, fashion does not state anything, it merely suggests" Karl Lagerfeld. The black pair is the work horse... read MORE