K is for Hermes Kelly

09, March 2017
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Today it is all about the Bag.....this gorgeous Kelly bag from the iconic Hermes house and maybe the Chanel skirt too. But this Hermes  Kelly bag is so amazing! I have a deep love for all that is glamorous and embrace the new but also appreciate timeless style like the Kelly bag gives off.I respect my own personality when I dress and yet have an i... read MORE

Chic white look with Chanel and Hermes

01, March 2017
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The only look you will need for this season  is this white look with the Chanel belt worn as a necklace. If you are looking to start a luxury collection this Chanel belt is a good piece to start with. I have had it for a few seasons now and tend to wear it more as a necklace than a belt. It is so classical and versatile. And with the iconic double... read MORE