Black and white Chanel dress

05, July 2016
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For today’s look I am sticking to one of my favorite wearable combinations and designer.Basically that means combining everything black and white . Since I am practically obsessed with Chanel, I am constantly looking for pieces like this  Black Chanel dress with the white sleeves . Not only do  I think that Chanel pieces are just a tiny bit more interesting than most others, but this black and white combination works well for most occasions. I have had this Chanel dress for years and still love it just as much as the day I got it. While it is no longer available you can get a something similar as the house  of Chanel makes a variation of the little black dress each season.Now I have teamed the dress with the Black Versace patent leather pumps  which would be the expected choice here. As an alternative this cocktail worthy  Chanel dress can be dressed down with a pair of Chanel creepers. The options are endless when you consider the foot wear. So if you attempt the boring way by wearing pumps, I suggest to make it less boring by adding the Chanel stockings- as I have done here.