The ultimate sweater for fall

17, December 2016
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This is the ultimate sweater and my favorite skirt too(  so totally worth the investment). Wearing one of my favorite sweaters today from American designer Betsey Johnson and testing it with the Louis Vuitton bag as my contrast color. I love the simplicity of it yet the pop art on the sweater and colors make it distinct. Inspired by the Louis Vuitton bag I paired it with the Betsey Johnson sweater and Alexander McQueen skirt. I love the juxtaposition of all the three pieces. I am always thinking how I can create something classical that is completely different and new. Something that I would want to wear. I am in love with this Louis Vuitton bag the unique shape and design caught my attention. The brilliant part about the Betsey Johnson sweater is the pop art detail  it makes  the basic sweater decidedly less boring.