How to survive a closet attack and other indecisive wardrobe moments

29, April 2015
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A closet attack is by definition that moment when your carefully picked out, outfit just want do and is not working for you to put it on and leave the house. The reasons for this are many and not so obvious . Whatever the reasons are, you are now forced to come up with a plan B or even Plan Z depending on how long it may take and last.

Out of a closet attack I  have had some of my most memorable and admired ensembles emerge. Know this great ideas take time and genus moments come one thought at a time. That being said , one does not have much  choice when time is of the essence and decisions must be made on the spot so that you can leave the house and hopefully leave on time.

The stress to achieve in a short time as possible the ultimate editorial and chic outfit drives me to make concise and decisive choices.Anna Wintour  was once  asked what her greatest  power was and she said  editing. Yours should be too. So to come out of this closet attack one can take  these steps.

Do  your homework to select key pieces you  like and ones that inspire you. Or reflect your personal style ambitions and good taste . The choices will then be many and will work with many looks. Have a keen eye to editing yourself.Coco Chanel would have us to remove on item before leaving the house. On the other hand the Versace mantra is more is more. Any of the these directions can work. Remember  to reinvent new combinations of what you already own improvise and  become more creative. Know that sheer brilliance is in the details. After all you can always try for another day an idea that has come to you through this process.

This Versace jacket and BCBG  coat are good examples of employing these steps. The Versace Jacket is worn as a blouse under the BCBG coat and matched to perfection with the Versace pants.The whole ensemble is tied together by the Versace belt