Starfish Point picnic with Eric Ripert

23, December 2015
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Going on a picnic is one of life’s simple pleasures. Nothing compares to an afternoon spent with friends out in the sun, soaking up some nourishing vitamin D. It soothes the soul . And to be one with the earth- even for a little while is a pleasure worth while -before returning to the realities of city life and of fashion.

I had the good fortune of meeting Eric Ripert on Grand Cayman Island. At the time he did a cooking demonstration on preparing sashimi . I was also invited along with other friends to a picnic on the private Starfish Point Island in the Grand ┬áCayman Islands with Eric Ripert. Eric was Barbecuing fresh ┬áSea Bass on the grill for the picnic right at the water’s edge on the beach. Folks it does not get better than this. My mouth waters now just remembering all the good food at the picnic!