an Armani hat for every day

01, February 2017
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Can you tell I have a thing for wearing hats. This Armani fur hat is the softest fur. That said it is also snuggly!And the white color is beyond. I love the shape and fur balls as ties. Some might say I am a hat connoisseur  because I wear them  so much . I have to admit , I do. I used this Armani hat to top of my look ( and I usually use a hat  almost on  every look on . If you have been reading my post or following me on instagram or twitter you would have seen this Armani hat making several appearances in posts.It is all about the Armani  fur hat today…… and  maybe the Chanel shorts and accessories too. But the hat….absolutely love the hat. Textures and fur galore! But all in black and white, of course. And  I  can not say enough good thins about  the Chanel necklace and bracelets! Accessories like these add some life to an outfit.