My next adventure

21, December 2015
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Hello dear friends, I have some more interview questions and answers for to share with you.I hope these questions and answers posts  have helped you get acquainted  with

Question   What is your next adventure?


Answer   My next adventure is the Tribeca film festival in May. For the past few years the Tribeca film festival has presented many fashion themed films. I am looking forward to many more such films at the festival come this  May. The Tribeca film festival is well known for being a diverse , international film festival that supports emerging and established directors. The Tribeca  film festival allows you to experience the power of cinema and exposes independent films to a very broad audience.


Question   Your favorite place to visit is?


Answer  London , England is my favorite place to visit with Paris, France a close second favorite place to be. These are both fashion capitals and have so much in arts and culture to experience.