Meet my favorite new accessory

21, October 2016
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It is pretty obvious that I am in love with the Alexander McQueen brand. I mean how many times have you seen Alexander McQueen pieces in my post or on  my instagram page  or twitter feed ? A lot ! So it is no surprise that when pulling pieces for this post I  have paired this gorgeous Alexander McQueen skirt with these brown driving gloves. They are a fun and functional accessory that really complete the look. This pair of gloves are so chic  yet still functional now that the weather has got a little colder. They are super soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. I really like the idea of adding the Versace blouse which is a wrap around blouse that really helps to draw attention to the  smallest part of your body the waist – which I am not complaining about. This  lovely blouse has  been  part of my wardrobe for sometime but is still one of my favorite pieces! It is a great staple piece that never goes out of fashion!