A bold blouse for the look of the day

29, October 2016
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A bold blouse what is not to like about this blouse from the fashion forward Alexander McQueen label? It is a lovely silk blouse in a classic shape with bonus graphic tattoo details. The bold tattoo design is for added appeal. And that is with out taking into consideration that it is part of the Alexander McQueen  already -cult  runway  collection, which makes it a collector’s piece into the bargain. Buy any similar blouse from the Alexander McQueen label and you will never regret it. Given that it has so many  pastel  colors it is a refreshing color for fall  that can be repurposed for so many occasions. They can almost be considered a  neutral  color with fall around the corner my mind jumps to  softer hues and there is nothing better than a bold blouse to pair with almost anything! I can not say enough good things about the Louis Vuitton bag ! Anyone who has ever seen a Louis  Vuitton bag in person knows how incredible they are. Always on trend, the highest in quality, and a good choice for an investment piece.