Don’t be frustrated by body chains: Here are some easy ways to wear this trend

28, April 2015
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From jeweled faces on Givenchy models to head dresses on Chanel models, the runways this season were a wash in body chains. A throw back form last year that has come to stay. The good news is that there are no rules or uniform way to wear this body chain trend.  Rules tend to remove the idea of uniqueness and  freshness  from the piece. With the... read MORE

Why you should get in the head game

27, April 2015
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Who can forget Jan Vermeer's iconic "Girl with a pearl earring " from the seventeenth century painting. The girl in the painting is depicted wearing a turban . This was probably the first time the turban was introduced to the European audience at this time. It has since become a modern chic accessory. The run ways this year featured various adaptat... read MORE