The perfect dress to wear now- Vanessa Bruno dress

13, April 2016
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Everyone is always talking about timeless investments in the context of fashion. Those garments that evolve with you and always make you feel the way a good piece of cloth is supposed to make you feel - fabulous.Quiet clothes like this dress from Vanessa Bruno  work well when you want to say the same thing with your clothes. And if you want to cha... read MORE

Glamour is in the details dress by Vanessa Bruno

09, September 2015
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Successful fashionistas know clothes, but just as importantly, they know their own bodies. They know what they really think and feel and how they move and react. You should be able to know your insecurities and attributes, and how to process all that information to bring out the best and most beautiful you. This is how you create personal style. ... read MORE