Why you need a fashion icon now

20, April 2015
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A funny thing happened to me on the way to shopping at Bergdorf  Goodman. I passed the Olsen twins standing there in front of the store in all their chic  glory. At first I thought they were just women dressed like the twins. But at a second glance I confirmed that they were in fact the Olsen twins shopping at  Bergdorf Goodman just like me. Tha... read MORE

Grand entrance

19, March 2015
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I always do the unexpected, I wear evening gowns to brunch , platforms and creepers with cocktail dresses. It is this clever twists that keep the looks fresh, interesting and engaging . It keeps you guessing who is she where is she going. Creating an atmosphere that is seductive and mysterious. This Row coat worn as a dress gives the illusion of an... read MORE