What I wore to the Bach Variations:A Philharmonic Festival

05, November 2015
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Remember it is far better to be fashionably late than unfashionably groomed.I take full advantage of a concert , where I can practice the fine art of a structured, glamorous look. I take my time getting ready until the last minute and enjoy the process. What joy and excitement it brings to a night. But seriously, formality is a dying art in this he... read MORE

Chanel Paris Dallas my current obsession

12, May 2015
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Just couldn't resist the urge to share my current obsession that is making me  very happy I bought it right now. I am of course referring to this beauty of a piece the Chanel  shrug  from Chanel Paris Dallas runway collection. This is not very surprising giving my love of  unusual and unexpected pieces. these are the items that inspire me to us... read MORE