The season game changer a skirt

27, September 2016
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This is the time to blur the boundaries  between day and evening wear . And there is no better way to do just that than with a skirt . This BCBG skirt is conjured from silk and a lashing of cool girl glamour worn here with a white blouse for a more dressed -down take and elevated by the Chanel brooch at the neckline. One can embrace this decadent ... read MORE

Prada outfit of the day

21, September 2016
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Miuccia Prada has long reveled in disrupting  perceptions of what is beautiful and stylish, by employing a mix and match formula that is stridently non- conformist and the polar opposite of the stripped- back modern minimalism that has previously occupied our minds and wish lists. At first blush, you might find this whole development daunting. But... read MORE