B is for Betsey Johnson

26, July 2017
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When you have got something as cute as this Betsey Johnson  dress on you can not help but want to be cute all over! This green Betsey Johnson dress worn backwards here with the Chanel white boots make the perfect pair.  the colors are amazing together. Topped off with the Chanel headband and you are ready for summer.Betsey Johnson is an American ... read MORE

Finally the perfect Chanel jacket

05, July 2017
  • No Similar Looks Available
If I were  you I would wear this Chanel jacket this season.  For anyone who has read my blog posts, my affinity for all things Chanel is not shocking! I think Chanel is just so chic and amazing. I terms of details, you can never have enough Chanel pieces . I love the stripe details on the Chanel jacket. There is something to be said about a Chane... read MORE