White Chic style

26, June 2016
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We spend a lot of time talking about the concept of chic- what it means to be chic, whether you are or not chic and how  it is so universally desired yet impossible to fake. And over this conversation consistently hangs  certain  pieces of clothing, wearable talisman of the closest you will get to chic  if you are not and a garment you are guar... read MORE

Fashion’s favorite sefie king….. Balmain’s creative director

03, December 2015
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What is your digital obsession? Olivier Rousteing is Balmain's creative director. He is one of the first high- profile designers to embrace the instagram platform in a personal way. Rousteing shares a mix of expertly executed selfies , advertisement campaign shots and party pictures drawing 1.3 million followers for his personal handle, while Balma... read MORE