Chanel classic accessories

29, December 2016
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Hello amazing Chanel ring and Chanel  breastplate! Since Coats can feel like you are wearing the same thing on repeat, I love how unique this Chanel breast plate is paired with the Chanel ring.These pair of Chanel accessories are the perfect pair to dress up a coat or outfit. Both accessories are from the iconic house of Chanel but they have  suc... read MORE

Louis Vuitton in our hearts

28, December 2016
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If you know me, you know I can never own enough things from the iconic Louis Vuitton house. So do not be surprised if I find a way to wear this gorgeous fur vest from Louis Vuitton again. In spired by the Louis Vuitton vest I broke out one of my favorite color combinations : teal blue and grey. It is such a classic combination and pretty much fool ... read MORE